Term 3 - We're over half way!

What we've been up to...

Cross country: After weeks of practise and training to build our endurance and fitness, we all ran the whole course! We set personal goals for ourselves and aimed to do our best in the race.
In Art and Inquiry, we have been learning about culture and exploring traditional Maori symbols and their meanings. We have incorporated these into our pastel artworks that are inspired by Warren Pohatu.

Welcome back for Term 3!

Welcome back to Term 3!
We have heard about some exciting trips that people have been on in their holidays, and some wonderful things people have seen and experienced.

This term we are covering a lot;

We have our Goal Setting meetings in week two, so feel free to find out more when you're in school to see us.

Inquiry: we are learning all about Celebrating our Cultures this term. We will look into some common culture and history in a New Zealand context, and explore our own range of cultures, ethnicity and backgrounds, by investigating our family trees.
We will also be getting lessons from Matua Araz about Te Reo Maori and Maori culture, which we will put into practise for our Marae visit.

Math: We are starting with algebra and understanding patterns and relationships. We will then move on to measurement and geometry in the last half of the term.

Writing: Speeches will be our focus for the first half of the term. We will be learning how to use persuasive language and techniques to convinc…

Term 2 is coming to an end

Term 2 is coming to a close. It absolutely flew by!
Here are a few snap shots of what we got up to this term...

 Emma with a lamb's blood agar plate!

Glove balloons after a visit from Mrs Buckwell - a real life scientist! 
 Experimenting:  Tayla and Vanessa testing which drink stains teeth the most.
 Experimenting: Jason and Walter testing the process of converting carbohydrates to sugar, using starch water, iodine, and saliva!
 Experimenting:  Lacey, Sophia, and Evan - eggs, drinks and teeth stains.
 Experimenting: Suma, Emma, and Maddison S testing plants' survival in different liquids.
Experimenting: Zach, Justin and Alyssa were testing remedies for spicy food - clearly they hadn't found a winner yet!

We put in so much time and effort into our assembly and had such an awesome time sharing it with the other classes. Maddison made a great mad scientist.

We also learnt heaps about nutrition and a balanced diet.

Our trip to Pak'n'Save gave us some hands on experience to find, and re…

Term 1 Recap and What's Up in Term 2

We had a very busy Term learning, growing and building great learner relationships together.
Camp was our favourite highlight of the term, and we will treasure those experiences we shared.

In maths, we learnt how to work together to solve problems using addition and subtraction strategies. It was really challenging at times, but we could see how much we were learning from each other.

We learnt a whole lot about similes and metaphors last Term. We used them to create our 'That was Camp' writing and added details using our senses to create images in the reader's mind.
Mrs S also introduced us to the 'Game of Awesome' which got us to use our imaginations and tell lots of stories. It involves using these special cards with different characters, situations and scenarios on them, and then we get to decide how the story gets put together.

What's happening in Term 2...

Term 2 we are going to be focused on SCIENCE!
Specifically food science in our inquiry topic 'Fo…

Camp Carey Park

At Camp Carey Park we had the most amazing time!
We were faced with many challenges, but overcame them all with each other's help and encouragement.

Bardia developed his confidence and gave everything his best effort.

Jason climbed up the very top of the rock wall three times!

Cassandra persevered after hurting her arm in Archery, and went on to get a bulls-eye!
 Rayah was an amazing team leader, and worked hard to get everyone involved.
Walter was a wiz in team problem solving, and Suma demonstrated teamwork skills as a good listener.

 Even though Evan did not go on the Flying Fox, he did conquer his fear of heights by making it all the way to the top platform!

I was very impressed by everyone in Room 16 at Camp and I could see their strengths and talents shine in this new environment.

We have so much learning to take from this experience. Stay tuned!

Welcome to Room 16 for 2018

Welcome back to a new school year!I am looking forward to getting to know you all this year in Room 16. We have so many exciting things to look forward to, including camp Carey Park in only a few weeks time.

Camp Carey Park will be an exciting opportunity to get to know one another. You will make many new friends and build stronger relationships with your peers.  Everyone will face challenges at camp, but you will be in a team of supportive and encouraging people who will help you on the way. 
Our inquiry for the term is Mahi Tahi, which focuses on what makes a good team, and how we can be effective team members. As part of our inquiry we will also be looking into Growth Mindsets, and learn about the power of a positive attitude, and how to develop resilience and perseverance.

Term focuses:
Reading: making connections to what we read and the world around us.
Writing: learning how to describe things and experiences with a variety of descriptive words, similes, and metaphors.
Maths: hands on s…